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Superb Bespoke Pop Art Portraits for You and Your Friends and Loved Ones

Your Picture in the Style of Andy Warhol or Roy Lichtenstein!



Welcome to Content Artist, where you can order specially made portraits rendered on canvas in your preferred pop art style to transform the character of your home or office.

Imagine your own photo transformed into the style of Andy Warhol or Roy Lichtenstein! These iconic artists are renowned for creating work that transforms the atmosphere of any living space, and your own portrait can be part of the experience. The portrait in question could be of you or a friend or family member, or even a pet. This type of artwork would also be ideal for a colleague, a gift for a client, or as part of a presentation to win that crucial contract. The possibilities and applications for this kind of iconic artwork are endless and only require your imagination, as well as the expertise of our hugely talented artists!

But let the art speak for itself.


Andy Warhol Style (Actual Examples)



Roy Lichtenstein Style (Actual Examples)



Your Portrait Professionally Produced on Canvas

Our artists are all internationally recognised and highly experienced. We pride ourselves on producing the highest quality work. Canvasses can be ordered in various sizes but we specialize in 100cm x 100cm which is large enough to produce the "wow" effect that the style is best at. So for maximum effect we recommend the larger sizes.

Send an email to us as with your requirements.


Only Very High Quality Materials Used

We use high quality canvases which are designed specifically for canvas printing; they are scratch and splash-resistant and durable. Our canvas is a white semi-gloss artist's canvas. All canvasses are delivered fully assembled. We print with state of the art HP Latex ink which has a light fastness of 75 years and of particularly high colour intensity. These are solvent-free and environmentally friendly inks for durable prints and a pin sharp and vibrant print quality. The natural contrast-rich image of the photo on canvas is guaranteed by using the latest technology. Through this combination we create your top quality photos on canvas. The high white balance of the canvas further ensures both the quality and a sharp print.



There is a standing charge for processing your original photos, and this is included in the overall price. Total prices are determined by the size of the canvas. These are as follows:

Size of Canvas
Approx. Equivalent in Inches
Special Sale Price
60 x 60
25 x 25
80 x 80
33 x 33
100 x 100
42 x 42
120 x 80
50 x 33


Please note: Our Special 60% off price can only be sustained for a short while, after which our prices will go up to their normal levels. Make sure you lock in the sale price now by placing your order with us today!

Shipping Costs: In the UK and Ireland shipping is free.

VAT should be added to the total cost at the current rate of 20% if you are in the EU.


Please note that we often have special offers, including sales where prices are reduced by up to 65% or more. Content Artist is a website/service going back to 2006, so we have developed quite a reputation in being able to provide very high quality work. To be alerted to these offers as and when they occur, just add your name and email address below and we will let you know immediately when something may be of interest to you.


How To Order

Send an email to us in the first instance, stating your requirements. This is to ensure that we can fulfil what you want and that you do not go away disappointed if there is something we cannot deliver (although this has not happened yet!). Send us a high quality photo of what you want us to produce, stating the style you would like and add any incidental details you would like included. These could include things like captions, voice bubbles, thought bubbles (in the case of a Lichtenstein style canvas) or four-part image, six-part image or other multiple-part image (in the case of Warhol style canvasses).

If you would like to include captions, voice bubbles or though bubbles, then please let us know the text of these.

Originally we had thought of providing an e-commerce interface to cover all possible ordering requirements, but this proved impractical as there are so many variables that people wanted. So we decided that a more personal one-on-one approach would be better for our customers, and this enabled us to get the details exactly right of what it was that our customers required, as well as the 'feel' of what the finished artwork would look like.




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